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Stockholm Studio Tour


Inside the photo studio of a 20th-century Stockholm townhouse

Step inside one of Stockholm's hidden spaces with us as we shoot for our spring 2022 collection, Elements of Life. Take an immersive tour of the studio in words, learn about the architecture and history of the location, and the meaning behind the collection’s design.

Location: Studio K49, Stockholm

Studio K49 is tucked away on the top floor of a 20th century building in Stockholm’s Old Town, and is home to photographers Mats Widen and Mikael Dubois.

Natural light, neutral tones and beautiful handcrafted objects

With high ceilings and lofty arched windows, spring daylight pours into the studio, creating an atmosphere of pure serenity.

Original parquet flooring in a rich warm finish lights up the space with warmth when the sun hits in, and our photography equipment casts soft shadows across the light, panelled walls.

A small loft can be accessed by some tiny wooden stairs, allowing for a bird’s eye view of the space, as well as the chance to peek out of the smallest windows to the glittering water of Stockholm.

Beautiful handcrafted objects, like this chair by @ateljelon, make up the minimal furnishings scattered throughout the room. Fresh coffee brews in the studio’s tiny vintage kitchen. It feels like a space to reset, a space to take time for yourself.

A house standing in time

The building itself stands proudly looking out over Södermalm, Stockholm’s southern island, and dates from 1906 when the house and passage below were built according to drawings of the architect Edward Ohlsson.

Generally, North German architecture has also had a strong influence in the Old Town's construction, and today its understated warm shades and sculptural roof design has come to represent the epitome of old Scandinavian elegance.

Uncomplicated spaces to inspire self-care

This setting perfectly compliments the organic shapes and soft sculptural design of the Elements of Life frames, and lets them find their creative expression through warm sunlight.

We often connect the importance of self-care to rooms, spaces. Whether that looks like joining a new yoga class in your neighbourhood, or simply finding a new cafe where you can drink your morning coffee in the sun, finding those hidden pockets of peace is just one step you can take towards taking time for you. So next time you're out walking, take a closer look at the buildings around you - you never know what you might find.

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