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4 simple ways to increase natural light


Read on to learn how to increase natural light at home, and find out why it is important to create better natural light for reading and working in.

Why should you bring more light into your home

Increasing natural daylight at home not only has the benefit of saving you money, but also has numerous benefits for our health.

Our bodies manufacture more vitamin D when exposed to natural light, which also enhances our circadian rhythms, sleep patterns, attention spans, and overall mood. When it comes to eye health, reading in natural light is the best option, as it generally helps to reduce eye strain and headaches.

Getting enough light is therefore crucial for both our physical and mental health. But because we spend a lot of time indoors, it is difficult for us to benefit from natural light because we don't get enough of it.

With that said, here are four simple ways to increase natural light at home, as well as how to create a cozy naturally lit area for reading and working in.

Undress your windows

One very simple way to increase natural light at home is to leave your windows bare. Because uncovered windows let in the most light, you could leave your windows (especially those in the living room or kitchen) without any curtains or blinds at all. This might not be a possibility for you, but solutions like sheer fabric curtains that let light in increase natural light at home, without leaving your windows completely bare.

Light walls and floors

This said, increasing natural light at home is often less about windows, and more about the colours of the space itself. In any environment, but especially in a dark room, white is the best colour for reflecting light and creating an impression of brightness and airiness. Choose another light neutral colour, such as sand or a light grey, if you don't feel like using white.

Although installing new flooring is a possibility, there are other options if your budget does not allow for it. Hardwood floors with dark stains can be sanded down and stained with a light colour, and laying cream or white coloured carpet or rugs can often make the world of difference to bring light to your flooring area.

Use mirrors

Mirrors, especially ones that are hung strategically, do a great job of reflecting light around rooms and increasing natural light. Mirrors should be placed across from or next to windows to maximise light in the best way. The bigger the mirror, the better, if your rooms are particularly dark.

Moreover, mirrors actually help to make smaller spaces feel bigger, and add brightness to a variety of rooms besides just living areas, including kitchens, workplaces, and even small entryways.

Choose neutral decor

Aim to keep your furniture and other furnishings in neutral tones as well. Using items in light neutral tones, such as throws and pillow coverings, can help the space feel lighter if they cannot be replaced.

Also, accent pieces and surfaces in polished bronze, smoked glass, crystal or other light reflecting material can capture natural light, and make your home feel brighter.

Natural light for reading and working

Last of all, creating a space where you can actually spend time enjoying the natural spring daylight is a must, especially if you work from home, or only have one window in the room you want to brighten up. Also, as we mentioned earlier, reading in natural light as opposed to artificial light promotes alertness and also can enhance your ability to focus.

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Start building a reading nook by cleaning your window, then create a window seat on the window ledge by adding some comfy cushions, or by moving your favourite armchair so that it sits next to it, facing out. Define the area with a rug and a desk or side table, and add decor items or plants to make the area feel more you.

Say goodbye to eye strain as you bask directly in the spring sunshine for a few hours a day, accompanied by your current book or tablet.

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